DeKalb County

While DeKalb County’s roots run deep in the rich farmland that makes up its landscape and history, it also is home to a thriving arts and cultural scene that features both regional and national entertainment. Local theater combined with the offerings of Northern Illinois University provide for a mix of cultural and athletic experiences.

Sixty miles west of Chicago, it is filled with an array of orchards, pumpkin patches and other family friendly attractions. Farm to table dining options are plentiful, as are wineries, alongside a local microbrewery and an estate distillery, at the ready to share their hand-crafted spirits with visitors.

At the heart of DeKalb County is Northern Illinois University, chartered in 1895 and today, a world-class, research-focused public institution that attracts students from across Illinois, the country and the world. Thirty nine academic departments serve the nearly 20,000 students from all over the world who call NIU home. This NCAA Division 1 school offers some 16 collegiate sports, including football, basketball, baseball, gymnastics and hockey. Go huskies!